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Why join aIAS institute in Surat instead of self study?

While browsing for a good IAS Institute in Surat you might have come across many institutes. There are plenty of institutes that crop up and vanish within years but only a handful of them have been successful. This might make you think that you are better of studying by yourself, but read ahead; we might change your mind about it.

So you want to land a highly sought job in the government department of your choice. Millions of other aspirants out there have the same goal as you and will be competing with you for the same post. The test is, not of skill but, your knowledge and your ability to understand. Most of these people have are already preparing for these exams and have given the Preliminaries at least once. The odds are stacked against you and you need to take every advantage you can get. Joining a IAS institute provides you with multiple such benefits that will improve your chances of cracking the exams.

An institute provides you with the environment for studying your subjects in a systematic manner. The teachers in the Institute, at least the good ones, will have experience with teaching in a way that is quick and yet doesn’t miss the core details of the subject. The classroom provides you with a place to focus on without any distraction so you can concentrate more on the subject being taught. The timing of your batch gives you a legitimate excuse to not to anything else for that time. Apart from that you will get curated reading material and tests so you don’t have to go through every irrelevant detail in your syllabus to find the important bits.

You might still be able to crack IAS exams with self studies but why take the risk? Very few people have done it. You should take every advantage at your disposal and improve your chances as much as you can, your competition definitely will. Join a IAS institute in Surat and don’t get left behind everyone else.