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Upsc Classes In Surat

Fri 23-Mar-2018 35

If you have searched for UPSC classes in Surat, you must have noticed that there aren’t many to choose from. Most of the good institutes can be counted on one hand. So why are there not enough UPSC classes in Surat?
The first point we should consider is that there are not many aspirants from Surat would compete for the UPSC exams. Every year only around 500 students appear for these exams. This is mostly due to the fact that Surtis are more business minded people. They are risk takers and a government job is all about stability. So the culture of Surat isn’t conducive to preparation for government job seeker. Second of all there isn’t much awareness in the community about government job recruitments. Most people don’t even know what the exams are held for apart from IAS/IPS recruitment. In fact, there are 22 more departments that come under the Civil Services Exams, all ranging from accounts to Foreign Services. Besides that there are other exams held every year by the UPSC for engineers, defense agencies and many other posts.
So there is a lack of candidates, a lack of awareness and a lack of culture that promotes candidates to try for the UPSC exams. LK Academy wants to change all of this and promotes the pursuit of high ranking government jobs by providing quality education that focuses on understanding and conceptual development rather than rote learning. Visit our academy for more information on the various options you have after graduation.