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SSC Exams In Surat, SSC Exams In Surat

SSC Exams In Surat

Tue 08-May-2018 60

When exams time comes all the students are in dilemma having too many questions haunting their minds among them the most common questions are: what to do, how to do? It is not easy o clear SSC exams in Surat in one trial but if proper preparation and strategies are used it won’t be difficult for anyone to crack this exam. Given below are two strategies which can be useful to you. One is related at the time of preparation and another at the time of exam.
Preparation Strategy:
• Manage your Time efficiently. You need to follow a proper study routine and stick to it.
• For 2 months’ time, give the time a ratio of 4:4:1:1 for English : Quant : Reasoning : GS. Try to finish the whole syllabus of Maths & English in 1 month. Reasoning Syllabus can be completed in 10 days if studied properly.
• For maths, start with Geometry first, approx time for it would be 1 week.
1 day for basic, 1 for lines and angles, 1 for circle, 1 for triangle, 1 for quadrilaterals and polygons, another good 5 days for trigno. Both these have highest weight age in paper. Now go through basic algebra 3 days max. Percentage and profit loss go hand in hand. 1 day for SI and CI.
• Learn up a few Short tricks as well. They come in very handy when solving Quant Questions.SSC exam is all about knowledge and Speed. Speed comes with practice.
• Give a lot of MOCK tests as well as practice the previous year Papers of SSC. Many of the questions are repeated usually.

Strategy during Exam:
1. Time management is very essential.
2. When you get the paper open the GS section first, mark all the answers you know quickly. Don’t make blind guesses though!
3. Next take up English. Solve this section in 20-25 minutes.
4. Now take up reasoning, try to solve in maximum 35 minutes. Be careful but with the language of the question.
5. Great! You have solved 75% of the paper in around 70 minutes!
6. Now take up Quant section. This decides your merit.

LK Academy provides students with all the tricks in their sleeves for clearing SSC exams in Surat.